Gypsum belongs to monoclinic crystal system with high cleavage, which can be used not only in production and construction, but also in medical life, so the preparation of gypsum powder is very important in the national economy. Gypsum powder production line is a production line for gypsum powder preparation. The main production process is relatively complex. Simple crushing, grinding and calcination of gypsum powder can be used to produce gypsum powder of different sizes required by users. In addition, anhydrite binder can be obtained by calcining gypsum at 600-800 C, adding a small amount of catalyst such as lime, and calcining gypsum at 900-1000 C and grinding gypsum at high temperature.

Material processing technology

The technological process of the whole gypsum powder production line is roughly gypsum ore vibration feeder jaw crusher bucket elevator raw material bin grinder bucket elevator fluidized bed furnace bucket elevator conveyor clinker bin cooling storage of finished products, among which the key processes are crushing stage, grinding stage and calcining stage. Paragraph. The specific process is as follows: crusher crushes large-scale gypsum ore into small particles less than 30 mm and conveys them to mill for grinding; flour separator feeds raw gypsum powder which reaches the required fineness after grinding into fluidized bed furnace for calcination, and the rest is returned to mill for grinding again until qualified. Qualified gypsum powder after calcination is sent to clinker warehouse for storage or to product workshop for use.

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