What Kind Of Impact Crusher Is Good For Coal Crushing?

As one of the main energy sources in China, coal plays a very important role, especially in the winter, the use of coal in the north is greater. Some uses of coal are not directly used, but also need to be simply crushed, etc. Counter broken? The following analysis is carried out through the market situation of coal and the impact of coal.

Coal market

In general, this year's coal market is not too optimistic, but China's Coal Industry Association statistics, in the first half of 2015, the national coal consumption has not declined, and thermal coal prices have remained stable. According to market analysis, since November 2015, the number of customers who have consulted coal to crack down has increased. This means that the coal market is still vacant and there is demand, so the coal market also affects the market for coal to impact equipment. demand. So in the face of so many coal crushers on the market, what impact should be chosen, the following analysis.

Coal Impact Equipment Selection

It is recommended that the user choose to impact-break, which can be crushed for various coarse, medium and fine materials with a feed size not exceeding 500mm and a compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. The general strength of coal varies between 29.5 and 48.1MPa. Within its compressive strength, and the coal is generally not too hard, the finished product has no tension and cracks, the grain shape is quite good, and for the customer, the discharge particle size can be adjusted, so that the crushing specifications of coal are diversified, The machine runs down and has a large crushing ratio and high output. The Shanghai Shibang impact manufacturer designed this impact to achieve the crushing of dry and wet coal. For some open-pit coalfield investors, it is also a good kind of equipment.

Therefore, the crushing of coal is impacted, and of course the options are not limited to this one. Shanghai Shibang impacts manufacturers to crack down on coal impact-smashing sales, in addition to coal gangue processing equipment coal gangue impact equipment, users can directly consult free.

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