The Relationship Between Ultrafine Grinder And Analyzer

The analyzer of the ultrafine mill is mainly used to analyze the fineness of the material. The existence of this component has an important influence on the size of the finished product of the mill. It can be said that the fineness of the finished product and the Parts have a direct relationship, and this article analyzes what the relationship is.

In the case of normal operation of the ultra-fine mill, the material is taken from the discharge port, and then its fineness is analyzed to see if it meets the standard. If the powder is too thick or too thin relative to the expected fineness, it is required. Adjust the speed of the analyzer. Generally speaking, if the speed of the analyzer is fast, the fineness of the finished product will be coarser, and vice versa. Of course, in the process of adjustment, the capacity of the ultrafine mill is Certainly affected, if the speed of the analysis machine is fast, the fineness of the finished product is coarse, then the production capacity is large when the mill is produced. If the rotation speed is small, the fineness of the finished product is small, but the production capacity will be relatively small, so in the specific During the work process, the speed of the analyzer should be adjusted and controlled according to the requirements of both fineness and productivity.

In the process of using the ultra-fine mill, the influence on the fineness is not only the analysis machine, but also the internal components can ensure the smooth production. Therefore, when adjusting the speed of the analyzer, pay attention to the air volume. Adjustment, the larger the air volume, the thicker the finished particles will be, and vice versa. In order to ensure better product fineness and combination of productivity, it is necessary to adjust the speed and air volume of the analyzer at the same time to ensure better. Production status.

The ultra-fine grinding machine itself has a lot of components. When grinding the stone, the cooperation of the various components can be smoothly produced. Therefore, once a certain factor is changed, we need to make other parts at the same time. Corresponding changes, for the fineness of the finished product and the demand for production capacity, the better adjustment method is: to meet the fineness, while driving to a larger air volume, so as to ensure that the powder produced by the mill reaches a larger production time. Production, in turn, creates greater value for customers.

The article mainly introduces the relationship between the fineness and the analysis machine when the ultra-fine mill is working. Adjusting the speed of the analysis machine can change the fineness of the finished product. At the same time, in order to meet the demand of the production capacity, we need to adjust the air volume. The combination of the two can meet the dual requirements of fineness and productivity.

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