The Source of Noise of Ultrafine Mill

Many large machines generate noise when they work. For these mining equipment, because of the crushing of stones, it is understandable with a certain sound, but sometimes there will be abnormal sounds. It is also the noise we say. This kind of sound is not only harmful to the environment, but also harmful to people's health. The ultra-fine mill is one of the mine equipment, and this will happen during its work. We need to find the source of the noise, and then solve it in time, then what is the cause of the noise of the mill?

The root cause is that the ultra-fine grinding machine is caused by factors such as wheel imbalance and machining error. When this is working, noise is easy to occur. In addition, there are many factors that cause noise. For example, the material, manufacturing and equipment of the parts, and then the structural design of the mill itself, the accuracy of the step positioning of the roller bearings, etc. These different factors have different effects on the noise generation, and we need to carry out one by one. solve.

Different from the noise generated in the production, in the process of designing and producing the ultra-fine mill, if the unreasonable process or material is adopted, the impact on the production will not be solved by the later operation and maintenance. No matter how reasonable operation and maintenance methods can not make up for the impact of the design stage, we need to solve every problem in the production of the machine, whether it is the choice of materials or the adoption of the process, we need to meet the basics. Production requirements.

The article mainly introduces the root cause of the noise of the ultra-fine mill, which is caused by the operation of the mill and the unreasonable process. We need to ensure the rationality when selecting the equipment. For the quality of the machine, We only need to ensure that the operation of the specification can reduce the noise.

For large-scale production equipment such as ultra-fine mills, noise generation has many influencing factors. We need to choose the machine to ensure the performance and quality of the factors, and then in the operation. At the time, pay attention to the standard operating procedures, reasonable lubrication and maintenance, which can reduce noise generation to a large extent.

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