Common Questions and Answers on Impact Equipment

The the impact equipment is a fine crushing equipment commonly used in crushing operations, which can achieve efficient and fine crushing of materials, and has been widely used in various industries. Everyone will ask some questions when purchasing the counter-attack equipment. Here, the Shanghai Shibang machine gives the following summary of the more questions asked.

1. The impact equipment use?

A: The crushing of various stones and ores, the construction industry is used to prepare building sand and aggregate, and the concentrator is used to crush ore.

2. The impact equipment have those models?

A: There are detailed introductions in the technical parameters. Here, the production and machine size are low to high, PFW8040, PFW8060, PFW8080, PFW1010, PFW1210, PFW1212, etc. You can choose the right model for yourself. If you have any questions or problems with the selection and related equipment, please contact Shanghai Shibang Machinery, we will provide you with professional and reasonable advice.

3. The impact equipment how to buy?

A: For the purchase of the impact equipment, the majority of users have been concerned about it. Here are a few simple points to note:

Answer: The the impact equipment utilizes the principle of striking the crushing. The material enters the crushing chamber from the material inlet, is crushed by the high-speed rotating plate hammer, and then hits the crushing again in the second crushing chamber. The material is hit by the plate hammer repeatedly in the cavity, and hits the counterattack plate. The material is repeatedly hit repeatedly, and then the discharge port is discharged.

5. Is the counter-attack device and the high-efficiency the impact device the same?

A: The same machine, the name is different. Because the impact device is more efficient than other crushers, it is known as the high-efficiency the impact device. The the impact equipment was used in the third-generation sand production line, so it is also known as the third-generation sand making machine.

6. The impact equipment broken material is a large hardness?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, the hardness of the broken material should not exceed 150MPa.

7. How much does it cost for an efficient the counter-attack device?

A: Different machine models have different prices. If you buy a the impact equipment, please consult our Shanghai Shibang Machinery customer service after selecting the model. If you need a complete set of production lines, please let us know your requirements. We give Professional and reasonable supporting advice.

8. The counter-attack equipment can be used for a few days?

A: The life of the impact equipment hammer is related to the size of the material being crushed, the hardness and the working time per day. If we have materials that need to be broken and want to know the life of the hammer, please contact our customer service, we will calculate the approximate time based on experience.

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