B Belt Conveyor

B5X Series B Series

B Belt Conveyor

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B belt conveyor is used for transferring materials in mining process. Belt conveying systems have proven themselves capable of handling bulk solids ranging from dusty chemicals to large pieces of ore. Conveying capacities have no physical limit and are

Product Features: Large transportation capacity, and occasional energy consumption, inexpensive;Advanced transmission design, longer bearing existence.

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working principle

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • High adaptability , stability

    Can adapt to the environment temperature -20 ℃ to +40 ℃, transportation of materials temperature below 50 ℃. Effective anti-skid , and enhance the stability of the work.

  • Simple structure, large transport

    Simple structure, parts standardization , quick service operations. Belt Conveyor according to the principles of friction drive , transmission capacity , transmission distance is long , smooth delivery , less energy consumption .

  • Optimized Transmission Mode, Efficient And Convenient

    The B Belt Conveyor uses high-efficiency external mounted electric drum and has its installed mode optimized, which is lighter and more convenient compared with the driving mode of common external motor reducing gear; compared with built-in electric drum, it has better heat dissipation performance.


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b Belt Conveyor
b Belt Conveyor
b Belt Conveyor

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