Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is a kind of advanced high power, big crushing ratio, high productivity of hydraulic crusher, we in the digestive absorption in the world has developed on the base of the 1980s the international advanced level of various types of cone crusher, and focus on the so far known various types of cone crusher main advantages.

Cone crusher is suitable for metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry raw material crushing, used for medium and fine crushing pressure in 350 MPa under all kinds of mining rock, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, sandstone, pebbles and other. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, suitable for crushing and fine crushing various ores, rock.


Features of Cone Crusher

How to buy cone crusher?

Cone crusher with various types, complex parameters, how to choose the cone crusher, find a suitable for your product?? selection principle is to look into the grain size and particle size, the Liaodu great, products are coarse-grained, specially selected coarse or rough type, and on the contrary, use medium and fine. When calculating the feed granularity, the maximum feeding port size is multiplied by 0.85 as the size of the selection feeding, while the average size of the product is the maximum feeding divided by the crushing ratio.


In the selection of liner, the user must generally be considered as three factors of capacity, power consumption, lining plate wear resistance; should generally be carried out according to the following principles: maximum feed size; the change of grain size, to particle size distribution; the hardness of the material; the material wear resistance. The more power consumption of the lining board is, the shorter the hard material is selected, the soft material is selected, and the material is selected, the short liner is selected, and the coarse material is selected.. Particle size distribution, generally speaking, smaller than the closed side of the row materials outlet cannot be more than 10%, if more than 10%, is the rise in power consumption, product size into flake. The amount of moisture content of the adhesive material can affect the amount of the material, and the water of the material is generally no more than 5%. In the use of power: standard cone crusher should reach 75%~80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80%~85%.

Cone Crusher Technical Data

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