Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, etc. often need to move the work of material processing, especially for highways, railways, hydroelectric projects and other mobile stone operations, according to the type of processing raw materials, size and product requirements of the different types of materials used in a variety of configuration forms. China's current construction waste treatment equipment used in urban demolition of the construction waste Treatment project, the building waste crushing sieve into several different sizes and rules of recycled aggregates, is to achieve the construction of domestic waste recycling Project Foundation.


Interpretation of Construction Waste Crusher

SBM helps to Construction waste resources

The construction wast is mainly made by the institution and the resident individual, 90% of them come from the construction units and construction units in the new, alteration, expansion and demolition of buildings, structures, pipe network, and so on, while residents in the decoration and decoration of the house in the process of dumping, dumping and other rubbish accounted for less proportion


Our company's green building materials processing plants, covering crushing, screening, separation and sand making process, can be configured on-site demand mobile or fixed production line, and can expand dry mix mortar, commercial concrete, brick and other production lines, while the whole process of sealing dust, noise and dust emission indicators in line with national standards.

It is beneficial to the construction of urban ecological environment, the maintenance of the ancient city, the inheritance of the urban civilization, the construction of the recycling economy, the construction of the green building, and the maintenance of the ecological balance and the environment. At present, China's overall construction waste resource rate is less than 5%, there is a lack of understanding, long management, laws and regulations are not congruent, therefore, the construction of waste resources is a long-term and arduous work, related to China's economic and environmental sustainability of the cause, need the industry Tongren joint efforts and wide participation.

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