Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment, which adopts self - driving mode, advanced technology and complete function. Under any terrain condition, the equipment can reach any position of the working site. This can reduce the handling of the material, and facilitate coordination of all auxiliary machinery. Through the remote control, you can easily drive the crusher to the trailer and ship it to the operating place.. Because no assembly time, so the equipment to the operating site can be immediately put into work. The crushing ratio of mobile crushing station in Hubei Province is bigger than that of its optimum design, which can meet the most technical features of crusher, the productivity is high, the granularity of the finished product is uniform.


Mobile crusher is a construction waste disposal equipment which integrates the materials, crushing and transmission technology, which is mainly used in the construction waste, mine garbage, slag, slag and other processing system.. The equipment with fully enclosed design, with superior performance, strong flexibility, flexible combination, strong adaptability, covers an area of small scale and low transportation cost advantages, the construction waste crushing, grinding operation, to re-use of renewable resources. Not only the operation of fast and safe, convenient maintenance simple, but also in line with the strict standards for environmental protection, much customers love.

Features of mobile Crusher

The mobile crusher realizes batch garbage collection and disposal

In order to speed up the pace of industrialization development garbage treatment, improve the level and quality of the waste disposal and management, protection of the ecological environment, promoting sustainable development, through the toll system to charges, fees to ensure stability and reliability. In addition, the garbage recycling and reuse of processing, but also from a technical point of view, eliminate refused to pay, leakage phenomenon as and caused by artificial operation of injustice and corruption.


Because of the concentration of construction waste, the site is limited, and the traffic is not convenient, and the selection of mobile station is recommended.. First, the device is a mobile crushing and sieving consortium, and it is a multi-stage fragmentation of various large and large materials.. Most of the construction wastes are solid wastes, and it is generally produced during the process of building maintenance and removal of old buildings.. Construction waste after preliminary classification, sorting out some reinforced with steel and wood, and the brick, cement concrete is broken into aggregate, after the screening process can be obtained with construction material by utilizing the value of. If in the aggregate added cement and fly ash and other accessories, mixing with water, the formation of different building products and road construction products. These products can replace common sandstone used for road base.

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