Ore Milling Equipment

Ore milling equipment is the world's leading industrial grinder based on the development of industrial grinding machine research and development experience, absorbing the world-class industrial milling technology and the organization of technical experts and related personnel carefully designed, tested and improved. It is a high standard factory with many advantages, just like a small space, efficient energy-saving, and LM vertical grinder fully meet the powder of the production of customer requirements.

Features of Ore milling equipment

  1. Low running costs:It adopts the technology that vertical roller grind material directly on the disc, with low energy consumption; for the roller is not contact with the disc directly in the work, and the roller and liner are made by quality materials, it is of less wear and long life.
  2. Simple and reliable operation:Its automatic control system can reach remote control, which is easy to operate; there is the device to prevent roller sleeve contact with disc liner directly, and avoid the destructive impact and severe vibration; we can turn the rotating arm by repairing fuel tank, replace the roller and liner are more convenient, which can reduce the downtime.
  3. Energy conservation and environmental protection:It features small vibration, low noise, and sealing device as a whole, and the system also works with no pressure and dust spills.
Ore Milling Equipment

Development and Application of Ore milling equipment

The development trend of ore milling equipment is as follows: large-scale grinding machine; development of high efficiency energy-saving ball mill; development of fine grinding and ultrafine grinding equipment. Because of the great change in the diameter of the mill, the grinding process will also change a little, and the diameter of the mill will be too large, which will bring some new problems to the production. For example, the decrease of the speed, easy to cause the ball impact smaller, grinding effect, ball and ore contact less, dead ball charge increases rapidly, the unit volume decline, the power consumption of grinding products is high, so the diameter of ball mill design can not exceed a certain range./p>

At present, the most popular energy-saving ball mill in the market mainly include central drive ball mill, static and dynamic end bearing ball mill, conical ball mill, super speed ball mill, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding equipment, etc.. Transmission transmission center of ball mill is driven by a motor planetary gear reducer directly drives the cylinder, motor, reducer and cylinder on the same axis, the cylinder body by a spherical roller bearing support, mill shaft diameter and main bearing rolling friction between, reduce resistance and realize energy saving.

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