Portable Crusher Plant

Portable Crusher Plant

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 Portable crusher plant is mobile broken and screening equipment with chassis walking, which is our independent research and development of full hydraulic drive tracked vehicle to meet the market demand. This machine has a high performance, high r

working principle

The mobile crushing station for the integration of group work, the site can be the first line of the broken material, from the material from the scene and then crushing, processing of intermediate links, greatly reducing the material transport costs. Mobile crushing station flexible configuration, can according to the actual design or special mobile crusher station, very suitable for construction waste crushing. The mobile crushing station using fully possess the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, production process to reduce noise, reduce dust and other pollution factors have been solved properly. Station processing capacity is broken, the maximum to meet construction waste treatment demand. The mobile crushing station used in construction waste crushing processing applications more widely, the comprehensive utilization of construction waste in the project has been put into use, investment prospects.

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Portable Crusher Plant is the selection of the material selection of multi-level fragmentation, and then according to a certain size of the screening of mining machinery and equipment. Portable Crusher Plant should be widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, railway, water conservancy and other industries often need to move operations. Mobile crusher station including primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening station, belt conveyor and so on. Various crushing station assume different responsibilities, individual units of work.

The Portable Crusher Plant has the features of reasonable matching, reasonable operation, reliable operation, convenient operation and energy saving.In particular, the mobile is good, can be along with the raw material or construction site extension, and can be a variety of combinations, meet the needs of different materials.The introduction of Portable Crusher Plant eliminates the cumbersome broken steel structure, foundation construction, save a lot of time. It can directly choose the venue directly to the scene, without transportation, directly to the finished granularity. Especially for small broken site, suitable for building garbage disposal, construction waste is broken. It also greatly reduces the investment cost, but it can improve the investment income.


Features of Portable Crusher Plant

  • 1.Integrated machine equipment installation form eliminates the split components of complicated site infrastructure installation, reduces the consumption of materials and man hour. Unit is compact and reasonable space layout and improve the site was stationed in flexibility.
  • 2.Flexible, car sites high, the body width is less than the operator of the semi trailer turning radius of the road to the ordinary road more easily in the broken field rugged road environment driving. To save the time for the fast stationed site is more conducive to the construction of the reasonable area, for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.
  • 3.Reduce material transportation costs, the first line of the material can be the first line of the site, exempt from the material shipped from the site and then broken intermediate link, greatly reducing the transportation costs of the material. Another extension unit more directly to the broken material to transport carriage turn away from the scene.
  • 4.Operation is direct, effective integration of series mobile crusher station can be used independently can also to process material type, product requirements for the customer provides more flexible process configurations to meet the requirements of broken mobile users, mobile screening and other, more direct and effective cost to achieve maximum reduce the production organization, logistics, transport.
  • 5.Adaptability configuration flexibility, for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system can single set of independent jobs can also be flexible composition of joint operation of system configuration unit. Hopper side for screening material conveying mode provides a variety of configuration flexibility, integration configuration of units in the diesel generator except to the power supply unit can also targeted to the process system configuration unit power supply.

Portable Crusher Plant is the product of the development

Although the general crusher can meet the broken demand, but the amount of the weather, the site and other natural conditions, which is the foundation for the generation of crusher portable. Portable Crusher Plant is the front crusher and sieving equipment of the technological process of mineral processing equipment moved to the mining scene, changing the traditional mining and mineral processing technology. This is considered to be at least 30% of the transport costs, and greatly improve the operating conditions of the concentrator. Therefore, the fusion of mining and mining is one of the major trends of the development of mining machinery in the last 40 years.. And the structure of the chassis of mining face moving crusher station and combination station sub station or crushing and screening of various screen, crawler and placed on a truck trailer chassis of wheel type, and track type, stepping type and can be re removable shift fixed. These mobile crushing stations are actually belt conveyor belt in fact, so in the pit can also load the function of the loader. Different crusher, screen extension, feeder, chassis are combined in different ways, forming large crushing screening station varieties and series.


Portable Crusher Plant is a multi-stage bulk material and inspection discharge mining equipment in accordance with certain specifications for the screening of mining machinery equipment. It is mainly used in metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, water and electricity are often required to move processing business of materials, especially the highway, railway, water and electricity engineering flow stone station business, users can deal with raw materials according to the requirement of scale and different types of materials, finished products using a variety of configurations. Crushing equipment, mobile crushing stations at all levels, the flow of reasonable matching smooth material, reliable, easy operation of the entire product line, and energy-efficient features.

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K Wheel-type portable Crusher
K Wheel-type portable Crusher
K Wheel-type portable Crusher

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