Quarry Crusher

A quarry is a big man-made hole in the ground from where minerals or rock are taken out. Quarries are made when big deposits of commercially helpful minerals or rock are found close to the Earth's surface. Quarrying is a type of mining and is also called as open pit mining or strip mining. When minerals are found profound beneath the surface, a deep mine has to be dug to dig out them. Quarries are normally dug deeper and bigger; awaiting the mineral resource is worn out. When they are no longer used, quarries are frequently utilized as landfill sites for the disposal of waste.

Features of Quarry Crusher

  1. Electricity consumption is lower and the crushing efficiency is higher.
  2. It is able to simplify the crushing process and changes the three-stage crushing into two-stage or single-stage crushing and reduces the cost of the ore beneficiation plants.
  3. The gap between the impacting plate and the hammer plate can be conveniently changes, so the discharging granularity can be effectively be changed.
  4. Reasonable design of leveling plate making the finished material finer and cubic shaped without internal cracks.

Application of Quarry Crusher

Quarry crusher is the ideal difficult supply broken, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum local soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw material resources, program development of sand, stone and metallurgical slag, especially silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, in the engineering industry self-discipline, sand, pad, asphalt concrete and cement concrete mixture suitable for manufacturing tools. In the mining industry, the full use of the action from you just mill, it will produce a lot of powder ore, reduce the grinding load marked cost. The excellent quality of the crusher is not, the main wear and tear, the output of the system of two broken disintegration.

Quarry crusher is mainly used to crush many kinds of large, medium, small materials whose side length is less than 500mm, and compression resistance should not be more than 350Mpa, which is ideal choice for crushing and screening in mining, transportation, energy, construction and chemical industry.

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