Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine is mainly used for washing machine, sand products for the removal of impurities of the machine, because of greater use of washing method, it becomes sand washing machine. Among them, because the general is the mechanism of sand, so also known as the stone washing machine.

Features of sand washing machine


Working Principle of Sand Washing Machine

When the sand washing machine is in working condition, the motor passes through the belt, reducer, gear reducer driven impeller slowly rotating, so that the sand into the trough into the sink, in the impeller rolling drive, and grinding each other, remove gravel cover surface impurities, and damage the water vapor coating layer of sand, in order to facilitate dehydration; Timely impurities and small proportion, and from the overflow outlet flushing tank discharge, complete the cleaning effect. Remove the gravel from the blades and finally go into the sand trough, rotate from the impeller, and completely remove the sand effect.


Sand Washing Machine Technical Data

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