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SCM ultrafine mill comes with an not avoidable market price position within the powder making procedure for minerals and in addition it includes a very lengthy history, to ensure that many producers of mining machinery execute lots of improvement based

Product Features: Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect

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working principle

Host motor through a speed reducer drives the spindle and the turntable, turntable driven by the column pin dozens of ring roll in the ring rolling and rotating raceway. Bulk material by hammer crusher broken into small particles by the hoist into a storage bin, electromagnetic vibrating feeder will even materials to middle upper turntable, material under the centrifugal force scattered to the circumference, and fall into the mill race was ring roller stamping, rolling, polishing and grinding ring, the first layer of crushed material in the second layer and the three layer, suction high-pressure centrifugal fan external air suction machine, and after the meal third layers of crushed into powder selecting machine. The turbine rotating powder machine in the coarse particles fall heavy grinding, fine powder with airflow into the cyclone powder collector and the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished, the air flow with a small amount of fine dust through the pulse dust collector after purification by the blower and exhaust muffler.

  • Performance Characteristics
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SCM Ultrafine mill is an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, combined with ultrafine crushing technology, set broken, dry, grinding, grading conveying in one, high production efficiency. The Superfine mill can grind the bulk, granular and powdery materials into the required powdery materials. The ultrafine grinding equipment is widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries. Ultrafine Grinding of mineral powder is often used in the process of mineral powder processing. Superfine Powder Technology is permeating the entire industrial sector and High-tech fields, known as the original point of modern High-tech. Ultrafine grinding technology has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, day, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and aerospace and many other fields.


Precautions for the use of SCM ultrafine mill

  • 1.In order to make the ultrafine mill operation Normal, should make the equipment "equipment maintenance safe operation system" to ensure that the mill can be long-term safe operation, at the same time have the necessary maintenance tools as well as grease and corresponding accessories.
  • 2.Ultrafine mill roller device use time more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearings must be cleaned, the damaged parts should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tools can be manually added oil pump.
  • 3.In the use process, should be responsible for the custody of fixed personnel, operators must have a certain level of technology.
  • 4.After the use of a period of time, should be repaired. At the same time, grinding roller grinding ring shovel and other vulnerable parts of the repair and replacement treatment, grinding roller device before and after the use of the connection bolt nut should be carefully inspected to see if there is loose phenomenon, lubricating grease is added.

Factors affecting the slow start-up speed of ultrafine mill

The running speed of the start-up determines the operation state of ultrafine grinding, if the start-up speed of equipment is slow, it will seriously affect the production rate of ultrafine mill, ultrafine grinding of the grinding body will not be able to quickly enter the working state, a time machine in the raw materials will not be effective grinding treatment, during this period, Ultra-fine grinding of the operating power consumption will be higher than usual $number times, equal to the state of the empty machine, in the long run, if the ultrafine mill boot is not effective improvement, equipment grinding efficiency will be less than once. Ultra-fine grinding of such industrial building grinding powder of the main equipment, at the time of the operation can not guarantee the super fine mill to the fastest speed to meet the start-up requirements, this is during this period in the machine loaded materials can not make the corresponding grinding and crushing processing work, below we analyze what causes the Ultra fine grinding start speed difficult reason.


First in the ultrafine mill operation, we want to verify the loading of raw materials in the machine, if the raw material load exceeds the power range of ultrafine mill, will cause the start-up speed running too slow, is equal to a boot in the load state. In addition is the ultra fine grinding shaft running-in condition, the situation should be turned on before the test, to see the lubrication of ultrafine mill shaft, in fact, if the ultrafine mill shaft without lubrication to start the operation, it is very easy to cause ultrafine grinding start-up slow, serious, but also may cause the super fine mill crash failure.

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SCM Ultrafine Mill
SCM Ultrafine Mill
SCM Ultrafine Mill

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