Stone Crusher

Stone crusher is necessary for the mining machinery equipment, stone crusher is suitable for soft or hard and ultrahard material crushing, plastic, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and all kinds of metallurgical slag, especially for high hard, hard and wear-resistant materials, silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, beautiful sand, is higher than other types of crusher yield effect.

Installation and maintenance of stone crusher

  1. All the load bearing assume a machine, so good lubrication on bearing life have great relationship. It directly affects the machine life and the operation rate, therefore require the injection of a lubricating oil must be clean, seal must be in good condition, the machine's main oil (1) rotation bearing (2) roller bearing (3) all gear (4) movable bearing, sliding plane.
  2. The installation of the new tyre must be examined often prone to loose.
  3. Note that the work of the machine parts is normal.
  4. Pay attention to the wear degree of the wear parts, pay attention to the wear parts.
  5. Put plane of the bottom of movable device, should go out dust and other matter lest machine can not meet the broken material bearing activities can not on the underframe mobile, resulting in serious accidents.
  6. The bearing oil temperature rise, should stop and check the reason to be eliminated.
  7. When the gear is running, the impact sound should be stopped immediately and eliminated.

The component and working principle of the stone crusher

Stone crusher structure are mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, a big belt wheel, flywheel, Hubei, side guard plate, a bracket, bracket back seat, a gap adjusting screw, a reset spring, fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate, etc., which toggle plate also played the role of insurance.

Stone crusher is ore by feeding port to enter, and along the plate sliding down, sieve ore fall process is high speed rotation of the rotor of the hard alloy hammer shattered by and at a high speed along the tangent direction fly to first back plate, the ore continue to be broken, counterattack plate and other ore ore hit back and behind the rotor thrown out of the collision, so in the crushing cavity and ores are repeated impact and crushed. Some ore in the crushing cavity and broken to a certain size, through the gap between the back plate and the rotor and row to the second crushing chamber to by repeated blows, until the particle size becomes small later by a crusher bottom discharging mouth eduction.

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