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VSI Sand Making Machine

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SBM VSI sand making machine is designed by reputed German expert of SBM and every index is in world's leading standard. It incorporates three crushing types and it can be operated 720 hours continuously. Nowadays, VSI sand making machine has replaced&

Product Features: Big Capacity, Uniform Granularity,Easy Operation & Maintenance,Digitalized Processing, Higher Precision,Sufficient Supply Of Spare Parts, Worry-Free Operation

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working principle

VSI sand making machine using selective fragmentation and cleavage of advanced crushing principle, applied directly to the material enough kinetic energy, and the kinetic energy is converted to overcome the broken materials required by the impact. The material basic along its natural texture surface, cleavage fracture, grain shape, its consumption is low. Convert the machine can implement "stone dozen stone" and "hot stone" two principles.

Center into hopper: material feeding into, the center feeding hole into the high-speed rotation of the left wheel, was rapidly accelerated in the left wheel, the acceleration of up to tens of times the acceleration of gravity, then high speed from the left wheel injective, first of all to another part of the material and the rebound after free falling impact, and the impact to the material. Liner (stone dozen stone) or counter block (hot stone), bounce oblique impact to the top of the vortex chamber, and changes its direction of motion, deflection downward movement, and is emitted from the impeller material impact of a continuous curtain material. In this way, a piece of material by crushing cavity two times to many times the chance of hitting, friction and grinding effect on eddy current. The crushed material is discharged.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters

Sand making machine is a representative product in the domestic sand production field, which reflects the latest technology and latest technology of domestic sand production equipment manufacturers.. Our system sand machine selection of German imports of international brand bearings and the original hydraulic cover opening device, convenient mobile cover, so that the replacement of parts within the body repair labor-saving, product size is uniform, in line with the state of standard sand, especially in high speed railway, road and bridge of sand industry sector, is their artificial system sand core equipment.


The sand making machine is also called impact crusher, sand maker,and is used in the production line of sand and gravel, stone production line. Sand making machine has been widely used in cement, all kinds of ores, refractory material, silicon carbide, glass raw materials, mechanism building stone, aluminum bauxite and gold tailing, silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite and other high hard, hard and wear-resistant materials yield efficiency is particularly high.

Repair and maintenance of sand making machine

  • 1.The daily maintenance of the sand making machine is essential for the maintenance of the machine. It is essential to make the sand machine get enough time and rest.
  • 2.Regular shutdown open door window observing impact type system sand machine internal wear, timely replacement of worn parts, it is prohibited to open door observing internal in the working process of the sand making machine, lest produce risk. Found that the impeller body wear and tear to find manufacturers to repair in time.
  • 3.The transmission belt tension size should be appropriate adjustments, to ensure that the triangle tape uniform force, dual motor drive, flanked by triangle tape should be grouped matching, the length of each group as consistent as possible.
  • 4.Sand making machine at work to 400 hours of time should be appropriate to add grease, to 2000 hours when it is necessary to open the total pairs of spindle bearing cleaning, work to 72 hours on the need to replace new bearing.

Sand making machine superior performance and quality

China sand mechanical industrial upgrading of products mainly rely on to technical introduction, but with the narrowing of the gap and foreign wariness, deep, will continue to rely on imported technology realize the upgrading of products and more and more difficult, urgent need to change the technology support, independent innovation, system sand machine production technology continue to meet needs to upgrade the structure of. Plus the sand making machinery industry production enterprises many, many small businesses are competing to enter, speculative profit, the slightest neglect and product quality and after-sales service, no brand awareness, to confuse the market. Artificial sand has simple selection of sand and sand, adjustment process of distribution, fineness of sand, and so on.. The problem of choosing good manufacturing process and meeting using standard artificial sand is the urgent problem at present.


Reliable quality and perfect after-sales service system. Equipment pre-sales, after-sales tracking service, technical installation service training, regular follow-up visit service and a series of measures to our company, we require stand in the strategic height, establish and implement the scientific development view, enhance human environmental responsibility, vigorously development, actively promote the mechanism sand blasting equipment. In spite of the fact that our mechanism sand technology and equipment research and development project started late, but the sand making machine technology is far to reach the international leading level, sand making machine equipment by the favor of customers at home and abroad, believe that through our joint efforts, our country sand making machine equipment set there will be great transcendence.

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VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI Sand Making Machine

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