New Dry Cement Production Line

This cement production line is a new dry-process cement production line, which is summarized by Henan technicians and improved by market and user requirements. Compared with the traditional production process, this process has strong adaptability to viscous and wet materials, stable system production and clinker quality. It can better meet the high demand of the market, and the production capacity of the production line has also been improved, so it is an ideal production line worth investing for cement production enterprises.


Production site

The whole process of cement production line includes crushing and pre-homogenization, crushing raw materials such as limestone, preparing raw materials in the second step, homogenizing raw materials in the third step, and stabilizing raw materials composition in pit. The fourth step is preheating decomposition, which replaces preheating and partial decomposition of raw materials by preheater. The fifth step is the core step. The cement clinker is generated by the rotary kiln, and then the cement is grinded to form a certain particle size distribution. In this way, the whole production line process is completed. This production line is safe, environmentally friendly, and has a large production capacity. It has obvious investment advantages.

Characteristics of Production Line

High production technology

The whole cement production process is automatic, efficient, high quality, low consumption, environmental protection, safe and trouble-free.


Good Product Quality

The production line homogenizes raw material composition and reduces quality fluctuation, which is conducive to the production of clinker with higher quality, and stabilizes the production of firing system.

Reasonable Equipment Configuration

Rotary kiln, the main equipment on the production line, has fast heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, larger output per unit volume than wet cement, low heat consumption and high energy efficiency.

Low Investment and Fast Recovery

The whole cement production line runs smoothly, has a strong structure, reduces maintenance costs, and additionally disposes of garbage subsidy funds, the benefits of garbage disposal are considerable, customers can earn an additional million yuan of profit.

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